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79. White pollution, 7th October, 2010

Posted on: October 7, 2010

How to protect our world from white pollution?

There is so much for us to think about when seeing so many plastic bags piled everywhere. The plastic  bag has brought great convenience to people but has also done huge environmental damage. Every person should know the harm resulting from “white pollution”. To explain this, we should know how terrible and harmful the “white pollution” is and what we should do to reduce this kind of pollution.

“White pollution” mainly refers to the two negative effects on the environment: “visual pollution” and “latent hazard” due to the ineffective management and disposal of plastic rubbish. White pollutants primarily consisting of foam boxes, plastic bags, plastic cup, and other plastic materials. Today, the presence of white pollution along railways, by the rivers, on the two sides of the streets in the cities, etc. has made people realize the severity of the problem.

“Visual pollution” refers to the damage to the city appearance and landscape due to the plastic rubbish scattered in the environment. They stimulate people’s sense of sight negatively.

“Potential hazard” refers to the long-term and deep-seated environmental problem, which occurs when the plastic rubbish is thrown away randomly in the natural environment and has trouble resolving.

The white pollutants cause the soil to harden and affecting the crops’ absorption of nutrient and water. Consequently, it leads to the reduction of crops output. The plastic waste discarded on the land or in the water may be mistaken for food by the animals and kill them.

Everything in the life circle deserves its place on earth. If we continue using plastic lunch boxes, shopping bags and other unrecyclable plastic products, one day they might bury us in an ocean of white rubbish and the earth would become a dustbin.

To prevent our environment from the white pollution, governments need to work closely with each other and take actions. However, it is not enough only to ask what governments can do to get rid of white pollution. We must ask ourselves what we as individuals can do to color the earth green instead of white.

1. In our daily life we must use plastic bags as less as possible. Use the paper bags instead and try not to rely on plastic bags. This will reduce the pollution to our environment and reduce the waste of the resources.

2. The soft drink bottles should not be dropped unconsciously. After re-processing, they can be used again. By the way, this is a smart idea to earn income.

3. Recycling and reprocessing used Styrofoam rather than completely banning its production is an important strategy to eliminate white pollution.

4. Let us keep aware of the consciousness of environment-protecting, advocate recycling trash sub package system, pay more attention to placing different category trashes into different trash cans, strengthen the propaganda of recycling the plastic products, raise people’s consciousness of the environment-protection by explaining the severe harm of “White Pollution”, help to develop a good environment-protection atmosphere among the society.

Let us have everyone educated to learn their own responsibility and obligation of reducing the “white pollution” and protecting the environment. Only when everyone of us says “no” to “white pollution” and takes real actions, will we see a clean world and a green earth.


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